the restoration process
Record player restoration means something different to everyone. To some, restoration means simply replacing a tube. To others, a shot of grease on the working mechanism of the turntable is restoration. But to me, restoration means restoring the record player to as close to original condition as possible. In other words, it should look great and work just as well as it did new, and sound just as good too, or better.

I meticulously clean and detail every single record player I service. The changer, tonearm, and even the amplifier and its tubes, are cleaned of all the dirt, grime, oil and grease that has collected on them over the past 50 plus years. In short, I simply won't even begin to work on a player until I first get it squeaky clean. I don't like working on dirty equipment.

Each amplifier is rebuilt, replacing all of the old leaky wax paper capacitors with modern-day replacements, each electrolytic filter capacitor is also replaced so there will be no hum in the amplifier, tomorrow or several years from now. Tubes are tested on a quality tube tester, and they are replaced if they are faulty. Amplifier controls are cleaned with cleaner/lubricant so there is no scratchiness in the sound.

The main moving parts of all record changers are disassembled, cleaned in a solvent to remove all grease, oil and grit, and are re-lubed with Phonolube and reinstalled in the changer. All phonograph motors are disassembled, cleaned, and re-oiled with high quality turbine oil to insure years of trouble-free service. Old phono cartridges that sound lousy on the records are replaced with more modern ceramic cartridges that are stereo compliant, meaning that you can play stereo records on your record player along with the monaural records you may have.

A lot of work goes into one of these restorations. It takes days to do one right, then several days after that are required for testing to be sure the changer and amp continue to work flawlessly. The restoration process is not a "snap your finger and it's done" kind of thing. It can take up to an entire day just to rebuild an amplifier alone. The entire procedure generally takes most of an entire week. I strive to do the very best job I can possibly do on every single record player I service. You'll be pleased with the appearance and performance of your record player after it is restored. The improved sound quality will simply blow you away!


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