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Record player restoration means something different to everyone. To some, restoration means simply replacing a tube. To others, a shot of grease on the working mechanism of the turntable is restoration. But to me, restoration means restoring the record player to as close to original condition as possible. In other words, it should look great and work just as well as it did new, and sound just as good too, or better.

I meticulously clean and detail every single record player I service. The cabinet, changer, tonearm, grillcloth, and even the amplifier and its tubes, are cleaned of all the dirt, grime, oil and grease that has collected on them over the past 50 plus years. In short, I simply won't even begin to work on a player until I first get it squeaky clean. I don't like working on dirty equipment.

Each amplifier is rebuilt, replacing all of the old leaky wax paper capacitors with modern-day replacements, each electrolytic filter capacitor is also replaced so there will be no hum in the amplifier, tomorrow or several years from now. Tubes are tested on a quality tube tester, and they are replaced if they are faulty. Amplifier controls are cleaned with cleaner/lubricant so there is no scratchiness in the sound.

The main moving parts of all record changers are disassembled, cleaned in a solvent to remove all grease, oil and grit, and are re-lubed with Phonolube and reinstalled in the changer. All phonograph motors are disassembled, cleaned, and re-oiled with high quality turbine oil to insure years of trouble-free service. Old phono cartridges that sound lousy on the records are replaced with more modern ceramic cartridges that are stereo compliant, meaning that you can play stereo records on your record player along with the monaural records you may have. If the set is a high fidelity phonograph, the speaker crossover capacitor is also replaced to insure brilliant, vibrant and sparkling sound.

A lot of work goes into one of these restorations. It takes days to do one right, then several days after that are required for testing to be sure the changer and amp continue to work flawlessly. The restoration process is not a "snap your finger and it's done" kind of thing. It can take up to an entire day just to rebuild an amplifier alone. The entire procedure generally takes most of an entire week. I strive to do the very best job I can possibly do on every single record player I service. You'll be pleased with the appearance and performance of your record player after it is restored. The improved sound quality will simply blow you away!

Customer Testimonials About Our Service
"I have purchased two 45rpm RCA Victor record players--both models were the 7-EY-1 series--the black and gray model and the pink and gray model! Both were in perfect working order and the cosmetics were in beautiful shape! Both players work just as fine as the day I received them! Larry does excellent work and I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from him again should he have a model I would need! He helped me in my collection with these two models and his prices are certainly reasonable! I hope we do business again in the future!" --John K., West Virginia

"Larry was kind enough to agree to take on the restoration of my RCA SHF-8 New Orthophonic when I contacted him after seeing on the web an Orthophonic he had restored. Mine had been in the shop for seven months (yes, that's not a typo, seven months) at a local electronics repair shop that had assured me that they would be able to repair my player which I had purchased on eBay and was advertised as working but arrived in sorry shape. After seven months and spending over $200 at the local repair shop, my Orthophonic still wasn't running properly, if at all. I shipped it to Larry, and he began working on it right away. He would give me daily updates and even email me pictures of the work he was doing. He didn't just repair it, he restored it, cleaning it from top to bottom and inside and out. He worked magic on all the mechanical parts, even repairing the 45 adapter record changer which hadn't been working. He cleaned and repaired the grill cloth which had come undone. He had it finished in less than a week. I was going to drive from TX to AR to pick it up as I wanted to be sure it wouldn't be damaged now that it was finally working, but Larry offered to bring it to North TX when he was visiting his daughter so I would have a much shorter drive. People don't get any nicer than that. I can't say enough good things about Larry's diligence, work ethic, and his great knowledge when it comes to restoring these beautiful players. Mine sounds absolutely fantastic, looks like new, and I would've paid double for the quality of the workmanship that Larry provided."--Michele G., Austin, Texas

"Purchasing anything over the internet can sometimes be frightening; especially when you are buying something that is used and has been “refurbished." “Refurbished” can mean a lot of things to different people. However, in Larry’s case “refurbished” definitely means that whatever you are buying has been thoroughly gone over and performing as good, if not better then when it was new. Larry did a super job on the rebuild of the RCA SHF-8 New Orthophonic Hi Fi I purchased. It looks, works, and sounds fantastic. Not only that, but Larry has been extremely responsive and helpful in regard to any questions I have had, both before and after the sale. Larry definitely goes above and beyond. I would not hesitate to highly recommend any of the items he sells and the personal, friendly service that goes along with them. You can certainly put your mind at ease when doing business with Larry."-- Steve B., Harrisburg, Pa.

"I purchased an RCA Victor Orthophonic SHF-7 phonograph from a local antique dealer. The phonograph worked, but the amp needed some attention so I did a search on the internet for someone to repair it and found RCA Victor Land. I contacted Larry to inquire how much it would cost to fix the amp and service the changer. Larry promptly gave me a quote, which seemed very reasonable. Arrangements were made to get the phonograph to Larry, which worried me knowing how packages can be handled by UPS and FedEx, but I packed it up and sent it off to Larry. Within the first week Larry had the amp repairs complete. The changer, however, required some parts which had to be ordered. Once the parts arrived it took about a week to a lube the changer and install the parts in the changer. I very much enjoyed communicating with Larry and am very satisfied with the work he has done for me. The phonograph works like a charm and sounds great. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone wanting to restore an RCA Victor unit."-- Michael W., Charlotte


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The Restoration Process
All restorations come with a 90 day warranty. If anything goes wrong with your changer or amplifier within the first 90 days after the initial restoration, you may return it to me and I'll fix the problem for free and even pay for return shipping to you.

Any unpaid restoration work will be deemed non-collectible if 90 days goes by without payment being made, in which case I will consider the record player (or amp and/or changer) to be mine and it will be sold to recoup restoration costs.

It is the responsibility of the user to always monitor the record player when it is operating, and if something goes badly wrong, to shut off the machine immediately. The owner of this site is not responsible for anything going bad wrong in the operation of said machine, and therefore will not be liable in case of a mayhem event. Understand that this is old equipment and while it will work good when you have it restored, something bad might happen to it at some point in the future. While such an event is not likely to happen, customers should understand it's always a possibility when using equipment of this age.